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Photo by Dan Norman

Hatch Dance is a contemporary dance company presenting the choreography of Helen Hatch. Since 2011, Helen has been producing shows independently under various monikers. Hatch Dance seeks to serve as the home for these works. 


  • To reveal truths that lie beyond the surface, through movement that is technically complex, highly articulate, and bonded to the music it stems from.

  • To explore and question the status quo, making meaningful work reflecting these studies.

  • To augment perspectives by collaborating with artists asking similar questions, with differing approaches.

“There is a certain logic in every piece that begins to emerge in both movement as well as choreographic structure. It happens organically regardless of what I think a piece will be when I start. In the rehearsal process, the task then is to find that logic and to develop and edit to make the piece. I am constantly changing both the structure of the choreography as well as the movement itself so the end result not only conveys what I want to the outside viewer, but also feels right for the dancer regardless of the intention of the piece and the meaning of the movement. Above all, it is about uncovering the truth of the piece.” -HH

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