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Hecate (2016)

Commissioned by Minnesota Dance Theatre

25 Minutes

6 Dancers. 3 women, 3 men.

Original Cast: Raina Gilliland, Solana Temple, Isabelle Tudor and Jeremy Bensussan, Sam Feipel, Anton LaMon

Music: Beirut, Gavin Bryars, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Max Richter, Benny Spellman 

Costumes: Jenny Hawkins-Hatch

Lighting: Marcus Dilliard

Premiere: Oct. 21st, 2016

Minnesota Dance Theatre Fall Season

The Lab Theater 

Minneapolis, MN

Additional performances:

Oct. 22-23, 28-30

Background Photo: Jeff Pederson


Hecate is inspired by the universal archetype, the Triple Goddess. A threefold deity, the Triple Goddess symbolizes the stages of a woman’s life and corresponding Moon phase (Waning, Full, and Waxing).

Photo by Jeff Pederson

Photo by Jeff Pederson

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