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Bolerobolero (2020)

Co-production with HoneyWorks

Choreographed by Helen Hatch and Berit Ahglren, and the ensemble

16 minutes

21 Dancers.

Original Cast: Berit Ahlgren, Helen Hatch, Hannah Albers, Kaitlin Bell, Alexandra Bodnarchuk, Alivia Brouwer, Penelope Freeh, Natalie Gorg, Leah Gulstrand, Elena  Hollenhorst, Alejandra Iannone, Gemma Isaacson, Juliana Johnson, Jake Lewis, Samantha Meryhew, Kelli Miles, Da’Rius Malone, Sally Rousse, Amanda Sachs, Connor Simone, and Joe Tennis.


Music: Ravel

Costumes: Berit Ahlgren and Helen Hatch

Sound: Brandon Musser and Rick Ausland

Videography: Andrew Hatling and Evelyn Sadowski (Noble Productions)


Premiere: September 19th, 2020

Additional Performances: September 20th, 2020


The Shed outside The Lab Taproom

767 N Eustis St Suite 115, St Paul, MN 55114


Background Photo: Bill Cameron

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