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Isotope (2018)

 40 Minutes

6 Dancers

Original Cast: Berit Ahlgren, Anton LaMon, Helen Hatch, Kacey Hauk, Jadyn Reddy, Christian Warner

Live Music by Poolboy

Seth Conover, Brett Bjornrud, Jeff Dreblow, Travis Thorp

Costumes: Jenny Hawkins-Hatch and Carol Salmon

Lighting: Joanna McLarnan

Sound: Rick Ausland

Set: Anton LaMon

Premiere: July 5th, 2018

The Southern Theater

Minneapolis, MN

Background Photo: Dan Norman


A Word About Isotope:

There are myriad versions of each periodic element on the table. Each element can be altered and still maintain its identity. If you add more neutrons to carbon, for example, is it still carbon? Yes, but it becomes a different version of carbon. It is the same with human beings. We contain multitudes. Ancient and mythical archetypes (if you’re into that kind of stuff). Many versions of ourselves that carry all the wounds, weapons, fears, loves and shadows that make us who we are. The trick is getting all those versions to collaborate in order to grow. We’re working on it tonight.

-Seth & Helen


Photos by Dan Norman

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